C.U. Consultancy

Making your application process affordable and stress-free.

Why We Started

簡而言之,有鑑於自身及親友的經驗,深深覺得留學代辦的服務參差不齊,收費更是越發越讓人高攀不起,我們決定自己捲起袖子,創立C.U. Consultancy,以最實惠及透明的價格提供申請者們真正需要的幫助。

Long story short, we are determined to provide quality service with transparent pricing after having firsthand experience with the study abroad consultancies. Unlike those with hidden fees and false advertising, C.U. Consultancy is founded on the belief that the process from starting your application to accepting offers should be affordable and as stress-free as possible.

How We Started


It was when fellow Taiwanese students and I gathered and realised how diverse our backgrounds are despite all enrolling in the MBA programme at Cambridge. We could not think of a better way to utilise our expertise and give back than by helping our fellow dreamers to achieve what they set out to do.

Who We Serve


  • 美國加拿大 大學學位
  • 美國英國 碩士學位 (目前以MBA及商類相關為主)
  • 且針對有一定自主力的申請者(對出國留學來說本身也是非常重要的能力)

Students and professionals who are considering or have decided to apply for:

  • Undergraduate degrees in the US and Canada
  • Master degrees in the US and UK (mainly MBA and business-related programs)
  • And with a certain degree of autonomy (a very important quality in itself for studying abroad)