我們是 C.U.留學諮詢。從申請前、申請中、到申請後,我們都能提供你所需要的協助。
在施工期間,可以先參考右上角Team關於顧問們的簡介,如果有想了解關於留學方面的問題,或是我們提供的服務,亦或是各顧問的經歷背景,歡迎即刻與我們聯繫 (可以透過臨時郵箱:c.u.consultancy1@gmail.com 或右上角的Contact)!我們隨時都能為你提供幫助!


We can’t wait to C.U.!

We are C.U. Consultancy. We support you throughout your study abroad journey, from pre-application, during application, to post-application.
The website and Facebook page are mostly completed while other social media sites will also be launched soon. We are working on it as fast as we can so please be patient with us.
Meanwhile, if you have any question regarding study abroad and our services, or want to have a chat with our consultant/advisor, please do not hesitate to contact us (via the temporary email: c.u.consultancy1@gmail.com or the Contact tab on the upper right) ! We are always here to help!

Don’t forget the first two consulting sessions are completely free!

We can’t wait to C.U.!

* 開幕期間價格有優惠喔!Discounted price during our grand opening!

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